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Programs scheduled for the Space Expo

Rm. 105
MidWest University Automated Telescope Facility: An Innovative Curriculum for Undergraduate Astronomy Laboratories - Robert Browne and Kit Sanders, MidWest University.
Rm. 107
Globular Clusters and the formation of Elliptical Galaxies - Lucy Halbert and Douglas Hanson, University of Washington
Rm. 109
Protoplanetary Disks in Young Binary Systems - Dr. Eric Waters, Arizona State
Rm. 115
Circumstellar Matter and the Evolution of Massive Stars - Dr. Betty Thompson, Drake University.
Rm. 119
The Faintest Galaxies: High Redshift, Low Luminosity, or In Between? - Laureen Chou, Penn State
Rm. 123a
Cosmic Velocity Fields in the Local Universe - Brent White, University of Glasgow
Rm. 123b
A Very Scary Lesson in X-Ray Spectral Analysis - Walker Peterson, Ball Aerospace.
Rm. 125
Type I a Supernovae and The Extragalactic Distance Scale - John Gillett, University of Colorado.
Rm. 127
Picking Up the Pieces of Eta Carinae - Paul Unwin, Oxford Polytechnic
Rm. 129
Distant galaxy cluster identified from optical background fluctuations - Mary Lee, Harvard
Rm. 133
Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Galactic Supernova Remnants - Tam Hsu, Harvard
Rm. 137
The Post T Tauri Stars: A False Problem? - Kerwin Krushchevski, Cornell
Rm. 139
Helium-Burning Stars and Dwarf Galaxies - Lisa Davis, MidWest University
Rm. 141
HI Observations of Local Group Dwarfs - Ivan Boroski, Oxford Polytechnic
Rm. 145
WUPPE Observes the Solar System - Geoff Andrews

Call 555-3211 for more program information