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Mary Taylor

11 Kemper Ave. · Lake View, CO 80517 · (303) 555-1013

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Masters degree graduate interested in a telecommunications position in the Denver or Boulder area. Highly skilled in the use of audio/video equipment, computers, and the uplink/downlink aspects of satellite communications. Interested in positions with a strong international component. Willing to travel.


Colorado State University (1999-2001)

Saint Philip University (1996-1999)


Satellite Technician (Front Range Media Inc. 1998-1999): Monitored satellite uplink/downlink procedures to assure quality video transmissions. Aided technicians in the diagnoses and repair of transmission errors. Assisted in the assembly and maintenance of uplink facility.

Technical Assistant (Mountain View Bank 1996-1998): Managed data processing system. Trained users on data entry and report generation. Managed delivery service.

Salesperson (Computer Visions 1995): Sales and customer support in computers and electronics. Managed commercial accounts in Lake View and Crabtree locations.

Tutor (Colorado State): Tutored students in electrical engineering and mathematics.

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